Home or abroad everyone need a friend or two. Nigeria is nearly 8,000 miles from North America. Our mission is to be ‘your brother’s keeper’. At the NNAU – our strength lies not only in words, but through initiatives and actions. Our mission is also based on what we can achieve together as a people. The Nigerian North America United is an umbrella for change and support.

Rice University research data shows Nigerian natives are the most educated and highly paid immigrants in America; and also found in most national projects – from medical innovations, COVID-19, to NASA scientists. To enhance the economic advantage – we have to come together as a people and think positively. NNAU is the missing links. NNAU wants to fulfill the vacuum by creating a village square – at www.nnau.com.

Our mission is very simple, happy or not – we’ll be on your side at all times – because we believed “it takes a whole village”. Current NNAU president, Dr. Iye is a forward looking individual that believed in the promise of coming together and he expressed it at every junction. So, Join Us and find out what NNAU is all about.

“Until the lions have their own historians – the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Professor Chinua Achebe.

Financial Scholarship Drive – Education USA Opportunity Funds have made it possible for 30 underprivileged Nigerian students to attend American universities and colleges with full scholarships estimated at 7.2 million dollars in four years.These students are scheduled to matriculate beginning in the fall 2019 semester. Most of the students would not have been able to access higher education in Nigeria. About 138 other Education USA members also received $8.3 million dollars in partial and full scholarships.

Business Leaders Launch “Safe Schools Initiative” in Nigeria

Sample upcoming Nigerian North American Convention Activities in planning stage

Help us “be our brother’s keeper, bring Nigerian people together, change lives locally and around the world