Nigerian North America United operates in both USA & Canada. We seek memberships from both countries and donations can be made directly from a Canadian bank account/credit cards/checks on both currencies, NNAU takes stewardship of its funds very seriously

Financial Structure

The Nigeria North America United is organized as a public charity operated exclusively for charitable purposes and governed by executive members. By charity we mean we'll be our brother's keeper first and foremost. Decisions are transparently discussed at general meetings and everyone's participations are encouraged to get involve and speak up. Final decisions are made through consus. Nigerian North America United (NNAU) is a work in process and most of the group's aspirations have not been decided yet.

NNAU operates through the cloud  utilizes ZOOM meetings on the last day of every month. We have plan to meet once a year for convention. We have members across Canada and we planned to invite more Canadians to join the group.

Financial reports

We plan to publish NNAU's annual report, audited financial statements, and federal tax returns each year. The first is schedule for October 2021.

Under United States tax law, NNAU is a tax-exempt organization.

Tax-Id: 85-4048174