Nigerian North America United operates in both USA & Canada. We seek memberships from both countries and donations can be made directly from a Canadian bank account/credit cards/checks on both currencies, NNAU takes stewardship of its funds very seriously.

Our money will be spent on life-changing projects, programs and services that support our members’ transformative work. We aspire to create projects that benefits members in their immediate environments and back home-Nigeria. You’ll be surprised how far $25.00 donations from like-minded people can go: scholarships for struggling children of Nigerian parents, donate borehole equipment to Nigeran villages to provide drinkable water and support meaningful projects across the country.


My name is Dr. Kanshio Iye, I am the President of Nigerian North America United, a vibrant and support organization with overall mission as your brother's Keeper. We are North America wide network of strong men, women, children, neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where Nigerian people can unite and take action to create lasting change back home and improve our image across the globe. United States Homeland Security Administration data showed 1 million Nigerian born living in America and working very hard build their adopted homeland. Our dream is to pull together and harness the resources of those Nigerians together for mutual benefits. Henry Ford, American innovator said, coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. So, my dream as NNAU President is to keep it together, grow memberships, execute our mission everyday. So, I ask you to please consider joining Us.


Meet Flora Mari Olaku  our distinguished financial secretary  one of the founding members of NNAU was born in the breezing city Kaduna, Nigeria. A strong professional in her own right that love meeting people and creating new adventures. Flora lived in Austin, Texas  the city she described as best in the USA. We are lucky to have her and the financial trustworthiness she introduced to NNAU management from the onset. She insisted that we take advantage of current technology for transparency and have members pay dues directly through our website and deposit fund in real-time  directly into our bank account. She's all about transparency and we are proud of her steadfastness. Flora is happily married with children and a Texas residence. In the future NNAU will be able to acknowledge donors via emails, she maintained. Flora passionately encourage fellow Nigerians to join NNAU for it's transparency of purpose, unity, vision and the causes we believed-in.


Luther Ismaila has been serving NNAU as the general secretary since October, 2020. Current executive were selected to manage the group's affairs until November 2021 when elections will be held. As a technology practitioner, Luther dedicate much of his time to building NNAU infrastructure  solid enough to support the organization. Luther shared NNAU's president vision to be our brother's keeper philosophy. The over 1 million Nigerian natives living in America can help those at home if they come together for common good. That thoughts continued to inspire Luther every day to be better and make others better.


As a successful marketing manager for travel industry  Nessy initiated sales activities within Princess Cruise, generated interest in the multiple products and services the company sells. During that time she demonstrated her organization and communication skills, presentation abilities, data analytics, creativity and experience partnering with external organizations sale's team to support the company's goals. Nessy's extensive experience comprises both sea and air travels. As a leader Nessy has managed hundreds of staff. Nigerian North America United is proud to have Nessy Smith with her diverse range of skills and travel industry responsibilities.